Bee Me

Bee Me

Founded by two former city high-flyers, Bee Me was one of the emerging brands bringing fresh frozen yoghurt to the market.

Bee Me – Identity

Presented with the task of positioning the brand, naming, creating an identity, look and feel, packaging and a retail environment with in-store communications we identified a clear space in the market to position the brand as a natural and healthy alternative, which would appeal to a wider audience demographic; a world away from the synthetic brands that appealed to the younger market.

Bee Me – Environments 1
Bee Me – Packaging 1
Bee Me – Packaging 2
Bee Me – Print 3

Bee Me’s first store on Portobello Road, West London, is the start of a successful story with plans for three more stores and expansion across Europe. The ‘Bee’ symbolises the ‘producer of natural food’, and ‘Me’ refers to ‘me time’, both reflected in the identity. Packaging materials were selected for their eco creds, and temperature control.

Bee Me – Print 1
Bee Me – Print 2
Bee Me – Print 5
Bee Me – Environments 5
Bee Me – Environments 4
Bee Me – Environments 7
Bee Me – Environments 8
Bee Me – Uniforms 2