Fifteen Cornwall

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen at Watergate Bay approached Felt to refurbish the restaurant during their 2 week winter shut down last year. The team recognised that eating and spending habits are changing. The desire for formal dining is lessening and the new generation of diners are looking for more informal eating opportunities that focus on their health, spending time connecting with family and friends and the environment. The new chef Adam Banks has introduced a new style of dining with a sharing menu which allows you a more flexible approach to dining and trying new unknown foods.

We interpreted this shift in attitudes into the interiors by creating a more tactile and grounded feel. Removing the polished chrome, mock suede furniture, acrylic carpet, graffiti and the garage door to the private dining room from the early 2000’s and replacing with a more natural and wholesome feel. Oak furniture with a Scandinavian touch, naturally coloured upholstery to connect with the beach beyond bring a visual warmth, timber cladding to the kitchen helps to focus attention to and hero the chefs whilst acting as an acoustic device to help with the poor acoustics in the space. Thinning out the pendant lights which had become overwhelming and overly bright helped to calm the space and a new sofa area encourages informal eating out of dining hours and cocktails in the evening.

Photography by Kirstin Prisk