Fowey Valley

Fowey Valley

Located in the rolling hills of the Fowey Valley in Cornwall, stands an ancient and beautiful apple orchard, home of Fowey Valley Cider. A young and thriving new business with a portfolio of Cider based products including a Sparkling Vintage Cider, Medium Dry Cider, Eau de Vie, Pommeau and accompaniments of Cider Vinegar, Olive oil and Chutney. All are produced in limited runs in an artisanal way, aimed at the premium market. Early success is marked by featuring in The Sunday Times top 3 ciders and the Independents top 10 British ciders.

Fowey Valley Castledore 1
Fowey Valley Castledore 2

Barrie, the owner and long experienced taster, initially approached Felt to develop new packaging labels for the Eau de Vie and Pommeau products. Label designs we crafted from exploring bespoke Whisky labels, with hand written bottling details reflecting the limited runs he produces and an experimental idea for evolving the logo with a play on the Cornish coat of arms and apples.

Fowey Valley Wassail 1
Fowey Valley wassail 2

Our latest work in his portfolio of products is the creation of the Casteldore Medium Dry Cider. An everyday drink, it has a beautiful, naturally occurring rose blush to it, whereas many commercial ciders are dyed to achieve the same effect. The label design is crafted to have a natural but premium feel. The name is inspired by an iron-age settlement and archaeological site located next to the orchard, adopted to promote the locality of the cider and brand both in and out of county.