A team of social scientists with expertise in ecology, anthropology, relational psychology and sociology the Metalogue team are progressive thinkers and a force to be reckoned with in the world of Management Consultants. After working together at the noteworthy Ashridge Business School the team decided to set up on their own.

Metalogue approached us to create and launch their brand. In a very traditional and corporate industry, there was a clear opportunity to create a different proposition that stood out from the plethora of formulaic and predictable websites, corporate logo’s, stock imagery and dry texts.

Metalogue website carousel macbook
Metalogue – group shot
Metalogue website
Metalogue powerpoint

Punching through the overwhelming corporate blueness, the colour palette was created to reflect their approach – fresh, striking and modern. The cut back simplicity of the graphic language, copy and illustrations all deliver their approachable and down to earth attitude. We designed and delivered a website, social media profile, business cards, letterhead, proposal, powerpoint templates and a basic elements pack with a distinct illustration style.

Metalogue – Illustration – Desk
Metalogue Illustration light bulb
Metalogue illustration door
Metalogue-illustration workings

Metalogue are now up and running and the 5 Founding Partners are delighted with the impact and progress made by their new venture. The website in particular has received fantastic feedback from clients. We’re looking forward to the journey ahead with the Metalogue team as their business and ideas grow. 

Metalogue letterhead
Metalogue Stationary on pink card
Metalogue Stationary set on grey paper
Metalogue business cards

“The brand that you have created for us is excellent, far more than I could have envisaged at the start. The feedback is just what we were looking for with comments like a distinctive purpose and offer that is coherent.  People have described it as offering something different. I also appreciate the collaborative and robust approach you have taken with us. You tell us what you think and let us make the decision.” Andrew Day, Founding partner.