PRS Foundation

PRS Foundation supports talent development and new music across the UK, enabling songwriters and composers of all backgrounds to realise their potential and reach audiences across the world. The Foundation, a sub-brand of PRS for Music, work with a range of partners including BBC introducing, MOBO, Glastonbury Festival, British Council and National Film and Television School across different funding initiatives.

With an out dated look and feel, a chaotic medley of logo’s and limited budget, PRS Foundation approached Felt to update and evolve their visual language, creating order and a system to manage their brand.

With no recognisable visual devices we created the vibrant red images which use a simple tint over imagery. The website we have re-skinned using the new look & feel language, the site structure remains as before until the site is re-designed later this year.

The previous PRS for Music Foundation logo and initiative logo’s were constructed using a series of abstract forms taken from the PRS for Music logo. Legibility and stand out were the main issues with the master brand logo, whilst a chaotic spectrum of visual interpretations dominated the initiative logo’s.

We created a system starting with the masterbrand which we designed using a constrained multiple line device, it echoes the PRS for Music plectrum icon. The initiative logo’s are all created with the same line device using the first letter of the initiative name for the icon, whilst the wordmark has the Foundation name below the initiative name. This approach creates a visual consistency and a clear connection with the master brand, to prevent the need for using multiple logo’s.