Pure Sports Medicine

Pure Sports Medicineis a unique, medical practice dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and musculoskeletal problems. The team work with Olympic athletes to ordinary individuals; believing that the principles of Sports Medicine at the elite level can be applied to the daily challenges of everyday lives – all in one practice. We’ve helped Pure grow out of a small room, into a network of facilities across London and pursuing a wider geography.

pure – sports – environment – escalator
pure – sports – environment – gymn
Pure – Uniforms 1
Pure – Environment 1 – Coridoor
Pure – Environments 2
pure sports medicine – print – brand book 1

‘Pure Spirit’, was the first challenge, to tell the story of Pure, defining it’s purpose and essence.

“As a start up there is always a lot to consider, Felt were and still are instrumental in working on Pure’s Brand Strategy, Visual Language, Website, Digital, Social Media, Printed Collateral, Environments, Signage, Uniforms, Merchandise.”  

pure sports medicine – brand book 2
pure sports medicine brandbook 3
pure sports medicine brand book 4
Pure sports medicine – photography – man running on sand
pure sports medicine – photography – tying shoe

“We have worked closely with Felt over the years, the fact our working relationship has spanned over 7 years is not a coincidence and reflects the partnership that we have. They are extremely talented, conscientious and work with the utmost of integrity. The team are focused, enthusiastic, committed and always deliver work on time and on budget.”

Simon Devane, CEO, Pure Sports Medicine

pure sports – form
pure sports – environment – threadneedle st. – half coridoor, half room.
pure sports med – environment – sketch
pure sports med – environments large
pure sports med – environments – suite
pure sports med – environments – escalator 2
pure sports med – environments – coridoor – large

Where we are today

We continue to work with Pure, we are currently working on 3 new sites in central London which are due to open later this year. 

pure sports med – investors doc – 1
pure sports med – investors doc – 2
pure sports med – investors doc – 3
pure sports med – photography – women bike
pure sports med – photography – runners stretching
pure sports med – photography – tennis
pure sports med – uniforms 2