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The last two decades have seen a revolution in the role wood plays in our homes and offices. Scandinavian influences and contemporary design trends have led to a resurgence of interest in natural wood flooring. With a desire to increase turnover and move in a very competitive market we undertook the re-positioning of Reeve.

Reeve – Metallics – Bronze
Reeve – Metallics – Silver
Reeve – Metallics – Gold

This month we have launched a new Metallics colour range featuring gold, silver and bronze colours for use on all Oak products for floors, parquet, doors, stairs and cladding. 

We continue to launch new collections with Reeve, providing the campaign to support the launches. In the last year, Reeve have brought out a Bold and Metallic range. The collections show Reeve confidently leading the way in wooden flooring manufacturers and with a proposition of Reeve having the ‘imagination and skill to make wood do more,’ the collections certainly ring true.



reeve case study dunmore
reeve case study – jerwood gallery
reeve – case study – ingersoll road
Reeve – Packaging

The visual language and tone of voice is created to be tactile and emotive yet knowledgeable. A visual connection between the shape created by a tree and it’s first branch and the letter ‘r’.

reeve wood packaging 1
reeve – brand book cover
Reeve – Print – Book-2
Reeve – Print 2
reeve – price list

A steer of ‘imagination and skill to make wood do more.’ Reeve offer a versatile range of sizes, colours and finishes. With the ability to go further than their competitors in creating bespoke specifications, customers benefit from truly unique solutions and a tailored, personal service.

reeve – photography close up hand
reeve photography briquettes
Reeve bold colour photography blue
Reeve bold colour photography green
reeve – bold colours – pink

“I approached Felt to re brand my business in 2010, not only did they fulfil the goals I set them, they have surpassed all of my expectations. They re-positioned my offer and target audience to what I thought was a very challenging place, focusing on architects and designers, but elevating my price point much higher to ensure a more commercially stable customer group. With marketing collateral to deliver the new proposition my business has grown from strength to strength.”

Reeve stand design
reeve – exhibition stand 2015
Reeve Design Centre Image
reeve – paddles

“I could not recommend Felt highly enough. They work with diligence and passion, always over delivering and exceeding expectation. I continue to work with Felt and our 7 year relationship is a testament to this.”

Tom De Winton, Owner, Reeve Wood

reeve – spoons
reeve – website
reeve – photography – trunk