Declining membership, a negative name, a pre-conception that it was stuck in the past and an ‘old boys club’ led The British Council for Shopping Centres to needing a rebrand. A complete change of approach was needed to communicate what BCSC did and to strip away the negatives of the past. Felt were approached by Plum Brands to partner on the re-brand.

Revo – brand book – blue page
Revo – brand book – green page

The annual conference was used to launch the new brand, we designed the signage, stand, launch film and press engagement to communicate the rebrand – reasons why, what to expect in the future and to generate an energy and positive vibe to the changes.

Revo – exhibition stand – close up
Revo- exhibition stand wide image
REVO annual dinner
REVO annual dinner host
Revo- Launch campaigns- posters

A new name was created, Revo is distinctive and memorable, implying the evolution of Retail that they initiate. Revo supports the people and businesses involved in retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper. Retail. Property. Community. strapline states who and what Revo is. The identity and visual language are clean, clear and direct to stand out in the cluttered visual world that Revo lives in.

Revo – award logos
Revo – photography – lady speaking
Revo conference – Mark
Revo conference – 3 people

Revo is pivotal in connecting it’s members as a network, lobbying government for policy making, providing industry education, recognising excellence with industry awards, carrying out research to understand insights and trends in the industry. We created a campaign that focused for 4 weeks on each of these areas in the lead up to the launch announcement at the annual conference.


The website is structured to communicate each of the activity areas, providing knowledge, links and references to each area. Social media is designed to be highly visible to emphasise Revo’s daily activities which were previously unseen.

Revo – website