Suzanna Jackson

Suzanna Jackson

A pedigree with over 20 years’ experience in branding as an expert strategy and naming consultant, Suzanna Jackson has worked with some of the world’s best agencies and brands. For many years she had managed with a traditional cv and business card, generating business from former colleagues and contacts with many repeat clients. Suzanna approached and tasked us with creating an identity and marketing material for her; a tall order for probably one of the most critical audiences we could have – our own industry!

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Suzanna defined her proposition as ‘sharp creative insight’ and tone of voice as direct, sharp, intuitive and inquisitive. She wanted to reflect her attitude to her work, her personality and to stand out and appeal to the biggest and most niche agencies in London. The visual language and personality needed to be professional, stimulating and elegant, informative but not stuffy. 

Suzanna Jackson Business cards
Suzanna Jackson Letterhead

Suzanna often forms part of a client-facing team in house, but can also be an unseen but vital part of the brand creation process, so visualising what she does needed a different type of approach. We took a brave stance and suggested no images and a few very well written statements. Suzanna wrote her ‘Ode to brands’ introduction and asked us to bring this to life with a distinctive execution. The visual elements needed to work very hard – the colour palette is an unusual and slightly jarring combination, typography mixes serif’s and san serif’s emphasising the ‘&’ connecting her specialisms of strategy and naming. We designed, implemented and delivered a website, business cards, letterhead, invoice template, social media profiles and a Powerpoint template.

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An identity, platform and digital tools which simply outline her approach and process allows Suzanna to reach a wider audience of contacts through social media. This has created more time for her to spend on projects and nurturing relationships rather than explaining her skills and success stories.

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