A venture start-up accelerator by BMW MINI and Urban Us that educates, invests in and advocates for companies shaping the future of cities through technology and design, helping early-stage start-ups to turn their ideas into viable solutions and scalable businesses.

Felt were approached to collaborate with All That Good Stuff to redefine the website following a decline in applicants with increasing competition from other business incubators.

The accelerator provides in house experts who offer mentorship in design, engineering, product development, distribution, user experience and marketing investing up to US $100,000 per team, helping up to 20 companies per year. Each cohort lasts for 5 months ending in with a demo day for investors, city officials and customers. 

Immersing ourselves in the structure of the programme, understanding how each business is helped and the position in the accelerator landscape informed how the website needed to be built and function. Establishing a unique voice is vital to attracting the best possible talent to apply as future cohorts. Whilst understanding the different audiences that would visit the site helped to determine the type of content required.




The site showcases in-depth examples of each cohort, the programme, its strengths from a practical perspective and as a lifestyle choice and the successful businesses it has helped nurture and support.