Roll Back Malaria

The RBM Partnership is an initiative set up by the United Nations and informed by The World Health Organisation. Established in 1998 it was set up as part of a global drive to build and unite action to curb malaria. Twenty years on, with huge success in uniting countries the organisation found itself needing to bring the brand up to date in its messaging and visual identity, knowing that a malaria-free world can be achievable by 2030.

Felt won an international pitch to lead the re branding project.


The RBM Partnership leads all other Malaria organisations globally; informing and mobilising action and resources at both an international and country level. Transforming our understanding of the powerful return on investment of ending malaria deaths into dynamic and effective action on the ground will be essential to realizing the future we want, where all people enjoy the equality and dignity they deserve.

Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secretary General

The previous name Roll Back Malaria Partnership was long, out dated and did not deliver the key message of wanting to ‘End Malaria for good’. The name we shortened to The RBM Partnership and added the strapline with the key message which would become integral to the identity. The circle device was used to contain the historical element to the name and an out of date CMYK blue colour we evolved to have stand out and be memorable in our now digital world.

A complexity of information on a vast scale has been untangled for the user. A website with micro-sites, calendars, country based news feeds and subscriptions lets users from other countries access local information.

The brand blue is used as an overlay on images to create recognition and stand out. We selected the sans-serif font ‘Metric’ designed by Kris Sowersby of Klim Type Foundry for its geometric characteristics, making it easy of use to create bold messages, delivering detailed word heavy documents in both digital and print formats and use across multiple alphabets for the logo to be translated across 8 languages.

The re brand was launched at the UN General Assembly in New York with a pull out brochure, social media channels and a newsletter encouraging everyone to stay in touch and empowering the brand.